Profile Assignment Description

Koi at the Japanese Garden at the Fort Worth Botanical Garden

The below is an overview of the Profile assignment ENGL 10803 students are completing on this site. Students, for full instructions and formatting requirements, see the full assignment sheet on our eCollege site.

After reading and brainstorming about the definition of “local,” students will work in groups of two to write long blog posts introducing future TCU students to places they might not be familiar with, but which epitomize “local” for Fort Worth residents. Each essay will begin with a central argument (thesis statement) that identifies your own angle: your articulation of what makes this location particularly significant, interesting, or meaningful to the city of Fort Worth. That argument will carry through the evidence and analysis in the body of the paper.

Fun at Sundance Square

Students will incorporate three types of evidence into this paper: background or contextual information gathered from web sources; two images created by the students and inserted strategically into the blog post; and one interview with a Fort Worth resident about the location.


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