John F. Kennedy Memorial

On November 21, 1963, one day before the fatal assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, he delivered a fantastic speech as he always did. Everyone loved him because he was such a charming and natural leader. Due to his prowess and prestige in the Dallas and Fort Worth area, it was decided that a memorial needed to be constructed to commemorate such a great life. The memorial serves as a tribute to the great leader John Fitzgerald Kennedy, but it is also serves as a meeting place where locals and tourists can gather to learn about his legacy.

The day before the tragic loss of President John F Kennedy he delivered a speech at The Hotel Texas, which is now known as the Hilton Fort Worth. This hotel marks the spot where President John F Kennedy delivered a fantastic impromptu speech before he departed for Dallas. The idea to build the memorial for President John F. Kennedy began in 1999 and they wanted to erect a solid eight foot statue in General Worth Square. The project was projected to cost 1.5 million dollars, but with regular maintenance the total price of the statue continued to increase. In 2009, the city council authorized an agreement with Downtown Fort Worth Initiatives Inc. and this allowed the city to make improvements to the area, such as improved lighting, irrigation, walkway improvements, and plant decorations. The overall intent of this agreement was to keep the memorial as beautiful as possible and trust me, it is an amazing sight; I highly recommend taking a trip to see it.

One of the locals that I talked to about the statue claimed that with all of the improvements that the city council has helped facilitate has made the statue a much more pleasant place and she said that more and more tourists have come to visit the memorial. (Susan) Due to these various improvements to the statue, the John F. Kennedy Tribute is now 19th on the list of things to do in Fort Worth out of 200 other possibilities. When I took a trip to see the statue firsthand, I noticed that it is located in a fairly crowded location in town and this is due to the fact that John F Kennedy has such a strong connection to the town of Fort Worrth; he literally gaave the last speech that he ever made here right in front of The Hotel Texas.

As a place where tribute is paid to a former president, the John F. Kennedy memorial devotes the time into preserving the former glory of  this individual. And as the last place in any city, or town where he spoke to his rain-drenched audience of what he is attempting to achieve as a president in his last speech outside of the Hotel Texas. Being the city where the president last spoke before his untimely demise, causing the city of Fort Worth to commemorate the ideals and desires of a politician whose desires would have created an impact on this great nation In the form of the JFK Memorial.

During his time in Fort Worth, Mr.Kennedy had breakfast with the officials of the Chamber of Commerce. The great leader would contemplate on how despite everyone seeing the city as being self centered or focused on staying out of any conflicts with the outside world. However, John would go to talk about his military involvement and a few key points about the speech he made at the Texas Hotel. Even mentioning about the idea that no one in Fort Worth has been that unreasonable, but in some ways he has had the Sierra Madre Mountains reforested, and here in Fort Worth he has contributed to its growth. In addition,  the president refers to how the city has been a manufacturer of the B-36 and the majority of fighter planes used in the Second World War. Emphasizing on his awareness of Fort Worth’s’ hard working and highly involved community and how involved this city was during major wars that America was involved with at the time.

In addition, John would further elaborate on Fort Worth’s efforts on military products used during the wars that followed. Speaking about Australia and  its government paying 125 million dollars for a series of experimental fighter planes. Kennedy adds to how the nations’ defenses rely of the people of Fort Worth for its development and success. Even adding that And yet Fort Worth and what it does and what it produces participates in all these great historic events. Texas, as a whole, and Fort Worth bear particular responsibility for this national defense effort, for military procurement in this State totals nearly $1 1/4 billion, fifth highest among all the States of the Union. Adding further evidence to John F. Kennedy’s respect towards the city of Fort Worth and the city’s appreciation towards the presidents’ ideology of this tightly knit group of people.

Overall, moments such as this fateful meeting cement Fort Worth’s ideals as a community and how an individual such as John F. Kennedy was influenced by the unity of its people. Allowing this ‘average town’ to recognize the president for his ability to discern the worth of the smallest of groups. Thus, creating the memorial of our era to allow individuals to discover the ideals of what he strived for as a president and his impact on a nation as a whole.


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