Melt Ice Creams

The Impact of Melt Ice Creams

As a Texas college student in America who loves to eat ice cream it is hard to branch out from the traditional chocolate and vanilla flavors. Ever since the early 1900’s the classic creamy, high sugar, high calorie ice cream has been a worldwide staple especially when the famous Blue Bell Ice Cream was created in our own Brenham, Texas. Naturally, being made in Texas it quickly became the state’s new favorite ice cream for years and nothing could stand in the way, not even a recent Blue Bell recall. However, in this new generation, ice cream companies like local ice cream shop, Melt Ice Creams, in Fort Worth, Texas, have invented a different style of ice cream called “craft ice cream”, which is made from fruit and homemade sauces, a healthy alternative to cream and sugar. Overall, in this day and age people are now looking for a healthy and new style to the traditional ice cream and Melt raises the competition by bringing a diverse and creative taste to the Fort Worth community.

Located on the trendy and modern near south side West Magnolia, founder Kari Crowe-Seher noticed something missing in the coffee and taco lined street and that was an ice cream shop. With that she created Melt Ice Creams in the spring of 2014 and since then, to say they have had great success, would be an understatement. The moment you drive down Magnolia Street you can’t miss the small electric yellow building with the simple black sign reading “MELT ice creams” spelled across the top. You also can’t miss the consistent line of people stretching down the street into their single door, making non-natives to the area question what they are doing waiting that long for ice cream. However, one taste and you will be waiting in that long line for the most intense and different flavors you can find in Fort Worth. Although Melt’s menu is a short 7 flavors

Melt Ice Creams bright and happy exterior as you drive down West Magnolia

that rotate monthly, they are far from short of flavor. Ranging from a creamy Velvet Vegan classic rich dark chocolate to Cheater, Cheater Pumpkin Eater, a festive fall blend of pumpkin spices and espresso from local Avoca Coffee Shop right down the street. Not only are the flavors rich but they’re healthy too. Melt prides itself in their popular vegan ice creams, mostly for their amazing taste and healthy alternatives to the classic cream and sugar. With this option along with the fresh fruit used to make their flavors, Melt creates a guilt free ice cream that is full bodied and hits every taste bud without consuming all the bad stuff. With this, it is clear that the one thing Melt does not lack in is creativity.

Not only does Melt’s colorful exterior and great flavors catch your attention but their passion for ice cream and the community of Fort Worth. After interviewing Mrs. Crowe-Seher it was clear Melt had one goal and that was to make sure every “customer walk in and out with a smile on their face…” once that task was easily fulfilled, “I know we have done our job” she would proclaim. From the short time I was there it was very clear to see that she was doing an excellent job at keeping this ideology up because purely by looking at the shop you could feel the happiness radiating from each and every customer as they approached Melt. While watching this you can tell that every employee genuinely had the same goal of bringing out the happiness out of every person that walked through the door. Just like the way we saw a car pulling up to the curb and children piling out of the door the moment they came to a stop, and sprinting into the shop to see who could get there first. And what was on their faces? Nothing more than the biggest smile and look of joy to jump up the ramp into the bright yellow shop to enjoy some ice cream with friends on a hot October day. This not only proved to us the simple joy such a small business can bring to Fort Worth but also with the type of attitude and with a motto like “Ice cream can change the world, one scoop at a time.” how can you not love a sweet shop like this?

With customers constantly lined out the door at all times of the year, it’s clear Melt brings something special to Fort Worth, and that is bringing our community together over ice cream. Melt is continuously a great excuse to get outside into the modern and hip near south side West Magnolia area while enjoying some healthy and delicious ice cream, and what better way to do it than with those around you. Just from looking online people have not only shared their love for this place on social media but on most review websites as well. While snooping around for some counter arguments towards Melt, I honestly could not find them. From thoughts like, “One of the best kept secrets, and hidden gems in Fort Worth.  Anyone looking for Ve

Melt Ice Cream Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater seasonal flavor held in front of the store

gan options can fall in love with this place!” to “I love love love the ambience of this place, it’s so simple yet so cute inside and out.” it is clear Melt has made their mark on their customers and their “bad” reviews are yet to be found from any customer. Not only did this impress me but as we scrolled through the endless ecstatic posts, we noticed that the comments below the initial post were all responses by Mrs. Crowe-Seher herself, giving her customers a personal message and ‘thank you’ for their kind words. This proved to me that no matter how busy the founder of Melts day may be, the fact that she goes out of her way to respond to each review shows that Melt truly does care about their customers and each person they impact. These type of little things speaks volumes for their business because most of the time businesses won’t usually respond to their customers, let alone every review on their company. It gives the shop that family vibe that it strives for and positively separates their ice cream business from other local ice cream businesses.

It is understandable why the community of Fort Worth loves their local ice cream shop so much but something interesting is how much Melt also gives back to their loyal customers. As Mrs. Crowe-Seher explained, “we partner locally and globally to make the world a better place. Globally, we are partnered with a group of women in South Africa that make artisan bags that we sell here at the store and are available to buy. Locally, we work with nonprofits and organizations that share the same goals as we do [around Fort Worth].” So, not only is Melt serving delicious ice cream to their community but they’re also giving back to it. By using locally grown fruits they’re supporting Fort Worth’s small local farmers as well as getting the freshest produce and taste. By selling handmade artisan bags from South Africa they are making a huge impact on these women’s lives just by selling their merchandise for them and Melt keeping none of the profits. Lastly, by supporting non-profits around Fort Worth they tie the community together and make Melt feel more like a family than a just another ice cream store. Doing all this and still having an outstanding first 2 years just proves how much Melt has meant to our great city and how local shops like these make Fort Worth the special place we all know and love.

In conclusion, today people are looking for a different style to the traditional ice cream like Blue Bell, and Melt raises the bar by bringing a diverse and creative taste to Fort Worth as well as connecting the community over ice cream. The way Melt incorporates helping others, making people happy and creating a sense of home from a hole in the wall ice cream store, just goes to show the sincere and genuine values they hold. With these values they create a community around their store, not just a business and its customers. By doing so, it has greatly helped to transform the newly renovated near south side West Magnolia into the fun and happy area Fort Worth hoped that it would be. This small town ice cream store has quickly blossomed into one of Fort Worth’s top ice cream parlors and that alone has proven what an impact this company has on our beloved community. With nothing but new surprises and flavors you would have never dreamed of trying, Melt brings pure happiness and comfort into a primarily traditional Blue Bell ice cream state leaving customers with a smile each visit.


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