The Water Gardens, wonder of Fort Worth

      City life can be very stressful and at times the busy schedule and challenges of everyday life can be hard for citizens to get away from. Luckily Fort Worth has implemented a perfect place for city goers and visitors to easily get away and become lost within the architectural wonders of the Fort Worth Water Gardens. The Water Gardens are a magnificent structure of a multitude of different water falls, all with their own direction of water flow. They create a getaway for kids, families, city goers and visitors to each fall into their own fantasy and relaxation. The beautiful creative design of the gardens, the sensation of wilderness and the improved security for visitors have all been influential in the increased popularity of the Water Gardens among the locals and tourists who step foot in Fort Worth.

     The Fort Worth Water Gardens were built in 1974. The design team consisted of two architects from New York, who were part of the the Amon G. Carter Foundation. The Gardens span 4.3 acres, and are a popular spot for locals and tourists to check out. The Gardens are an urban park, and are frequently referred to as the “concrete jungle.” The idea for the Gardens was promoted heavily by the civic beautification movement. Other significant Fort Worth locations were also influence by the movement. The Gardens were designed in a multi-level style. The Gardens use a stair like pattern from street level down to the pools. The pools at the bottom are lit up with lights which makes for a very nice aesthetic. The design was purposed to create a walkable relaxing park while also looking unique and pleasant to the eye. Locals refer to it as the “hidden haven,” because of its beauty, peace and tranquility. Some locals use the Gardens to have wedding and love photos taken. It has also been known to be used for bridal showers, get together, hangouts, and a simple place to relax. The Fort Worth Water Gardens have also been subject to movie scenes, including the late seventies movie “Logan’s Run.” The water structure at night has been reported to be especially extravagant. The whole structure becomes illuminated and the water glows, creating a sweet spot to visit while out in the town. All together the Fort Worth Water Gardens are a spectacular spot in the community of Fort Worth. Locals and tourists review it to be one of their favorite locations in downtown, and in Texas. It serves purpose to people in all different ways and is one of the wonders of Fort Worth. It is a place every texan and visitor should check out at least once in their life, and is a great addition to the community of Fort Worth.

      The architectural structure of the Water Gardens offer a rare possibility to freely walk into a whole new world of nature. People can quickly take a step away from the stressful city life and climb down a spiral of stairs into true relaxation. The stairs appear in a form of a portal through another dimension of nature. We asked nine year old Nathan what his favourite part of the Water Gardens was and he told us, “I love being able to walk all the way down and up the stairs and listen to the water.” Nathan and his Grandfather often visit the Gardens and spend quality time together. It was interesting for such a young kid to express to us his specific attachment to the feeling of walking up and down the structure. We asked Roger, Nathan’s Grandfather, how he discovered the Gardens and he said, “I’ve been living here for thirty years so I have seen the Water Gardens grow and develop. It has not always been like this, it took a lot of work to get it to this final form, but I think the result it pretty satisfying.” We were lucky to catch Roger, a long time Fort Worth citizen on his day out with his grandson. He told us about how the structure of the Gardens had developed and how satisfying they are to him today. Roger is a lover of nature and expressed to us that the Water Gardens are one of his all-time favourite places in Fort Worth. The water oasis is surrounded by trees and steady architecture that mimics rocks. The Water Gardens mixes nature and artificial elements perfectly in order to recreate an atmosphere of pure wilderness. It is impossible to see the slightest form of urbanism while being standing at the bottom middle of the oasis. Moreover, the gardens offer the possibility to choose between an aerating, active or quiet pool, which allows locals and visitors to orientate themselves to the pool that reflects their preference, feelings and state of mind. After climbing down the steps to the active pool, people find themselves in the middle of converging waterfalls that create an ultimate feeling of serenity and re-enactment of a rainy storm. The aerating pool features ‘‘multiple illuminated spray fountains’’ which work together to create harmony and delight for the visitors. Finally, the quiet pool is a place of rest and meditation. The pool was created to reunite the mind and the body to inspire interior harmony and peace among the visitors. The three different pools give visitors a chance to feel a sincere sensation of nature and shapes everyone visit to their own personality and enjoyment.

           The beauty and design of the Water Gardens are greatly appreciated by the locals and tourists alike. The design creates an easy escape for people who are looking for a way to quickly get away for the stressful parts of their day. Most people make a habit of coming to this wonderful place. While visiting the Water Gardens we got to interview Roger, and Nathan. W However we also witnessed different groups of people flocking to the Gardens. Groups of all kinds make an effort to come on a regular basis in order to enjoy the infrastructure and calm spiritual atmosphere within the waterfalls. The website Fort Worth, City of Cowboys and Culture describes the Water Garden as an ‘‘architectural and engineering marvel to be enjoyed any time of the year. This is also one of the factors that makes the Water Gardens a continuous source of interest for people. The environment and design of this beautiful place keeps a permanent feeling of vitality and prosperity without being affected by the outside distraction and factors. Locals and tourists can always find a refreshing source of peace and a feeling of calmness within the Gardens.FullSizeRender-2.jpg

    Locals refer to The Water Gardens in Fort Worth as a wonderful place. A place where they can walk, talk, relax or just get away from weekly stress. However, it has not always been like that. During 2004 and 2007, the Water Gardens were immediately closed due to multiple cases of drownings in the active pool of the Water Gardens. All of the victims died and were all under the age of eighteen. Following these accidents, the authorities decided to invest a large amount of money, more precisely 3.2 million dollars into infrastructure. The City Council has implemented a new level of security proposed to improve workers’ safety and also facilitate visitors’ access to each one of the pools. The project focused on the replacement of the mechanical equipment, addition of a new light system, and improvement of the access for people with disabilities. Moreover, all of these changes were made without impacting the architectural design of The Gardens. The Water Gardens team also implemented a brand new surveillance system in order to assure the security of the visitors. As expected, the popularity of the Water Gardens increased because of the spectacular additions to the security of the Gardens. Parents were especially pleased. They now have security and trust that their kids are safe all the time which allows them to enjoy their time as well. Parents are able to relax on their own without having to worry as much about any possible accident that may occur. Time spent at the Water Gardens is both beneficial for the kids, who can consume their energy in a safe environment and have fun, but also for the parents who can relax without having to worry about the security of their children.

    Overall the Water Gardens are a very special place for a lot of the citizens in Fort Worth. They provide a spiritual and relaxing getaway for all ages. The stunning oasis attracts tourists and city goers. It is the perfect place to get away, and watch the water roar through the structures. People can escape the stressful city life for a couple of hours, disconnect, and really enjoy what the Gardens have to offer. The Water Gardens is an amazing place, which perfectly reflects the beauty of nature while offering kids and families the possibility to spend time together in a positive secure place. The Water Gardens are one of the most loved places in Fort Worth.FullSizeRender.jpg


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